Whelan Solicitors recently acted in an unusual Ward of Courts case. The applicant was a US citizen, her husband and family had lived in Ireland for 45 years up to 2017, and owned a property here in the joint names of the husband and wife.  They moved back to live in the US and unfortunately the applicant developed dementia and other serious medical conditions. Her son was appointed her Legal Guardian in the US over all her assets.

The Irish property had to be sold to pay for home care costs in the US. The Legal Guardian obtained a Court Order in the US for the sale of their Irish property. Whelan Solicitors then applied for a similar Court Order for Sale from the Irish courts so the property could be sold in Ireland.

The process involved Affidavits from the US attorneys, the Legal Guardian, from a Solicitor of our office, US court orders, legal and oral submissions and a total of three court hearings to the President of the High Court, who hears Ward of Court matters. An Irish Court Order for the sale of the property was then granted and we acted in the successful sale of the property resulting in the sale proceeds being sent to the family in the US to care for the applicant.

The case was expedited by the High Court and heard under circumstances to comply with the Covid-19 restrictions.

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