We work with our clients to get to know their Commercial Property portfolio from Multi Mixed Use Developments to new Investors of small single use properties. We provide expert commercial property advice and representation for all types of clients. We understand that each client wishes to obtain and maximise the full potential of their Commercial Property and that this requires careful management so it is optimised. As with all our legal services no more so than with Commercial Property such transactions are uniquely time sensitive.

We provide a comprehensive property asset management legal service with a resolution based strategy for the management of mixed-use schemes, shopping centres, office developments, retail parks, warehousing and hotels.

We take on our clients commercial objective of each property project and ensure that all aspects such as tax, finance and planning are taken into account

We deal with any contentious issues which arise for our clients and advise them on any contentious issues arising from the management of their asset portfolios, including debt collection, the issue of proceedings and forfeiture and re-entry by the landlord.