Whelan Solicitors can help anyone who has a complaint or has been a victim of sexual abuse while attending Blackrock College under the care of the Spiritan Religious Order or those attending schools under the care of the Jesuit Congregation.  We offer a confidential and safe environment to discuss any incidents of abuse you feel you suffered.  We have worked for previous clients who were abuse victims and we have been successful in taking actions against their perpetrators.

Our approach is sympathetic and caring, we do not judge or make assumptions.  We will deal with the facts as disclosed to us in as friendly as possible manner and try to reduce the stress, fear or feeling of embarrassment while talking about the abuse and the impact it has had on your life.

Our team of Solicitors have a wealth of experience in their relative fields and our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of informed legal advice and guidance to all our clients.

To contact us:

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